Just wanted to share Odie’s first visit to Santie……she was very well behaved with him. 🙂 I have a new scanner and put the pic in upside down to scan it-duh, that’s why you don’t see all of Santa’s hat. (Odie already told me what she wants for Christmas hehe)


~ by victry1 on December 6, 2010.

7 Responses to “December”

  1. I think Odie wants a new laptop and camera that you can use for xmas lol I LOVE this picture – those ears are the best!

  2. Lucky Santa was well behaved! Odie sure seems keen ti be out and about. Hope Santa sortted out a password for Odie when hecomes down the chimney.

  3. Odie is so handsome! What a great Christmas shot.
    About the Mac screen. . . I have an iMac that is two years old and I love the screen. I haven’t had any reflection issues.

  4. He looks so excited to see Santa. A great portrait.

  5. Such a beauty and so grown up. We know she has been a very very good girl

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