I currently use a MacBook Pro 15″ laptop with a matte screen. I’m considering a monitor to give me a little more screen real estate, but, of course, those new iMacs jumped out and said “take me home”! LOL But, they all have glossy screens. In the store, the reflections weren’t too bad, and of course, the colors do pop but I’m wondering how it is in real life. So, If you don’t mind commenting and letting me know what you use and any thoughts you have, that would be great. At the end of the day, I probably am not buying a new computer (due to lack of $$) but it will still be under consideration and your input would be invaluable.



~ by victry1 on December 5, 2010.

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  1. I am not a Mac- o-phile but my dell laptop has the capacity to run a second monitor and I can’t imagine the mac would be lacking in that capacity. I would check it out and if it does try borrowing a friends monitor to check on reflections, then if it is suitable buy a 24″ (or bigger) monitor you should enjoy the extra space it provides as well.

    • Yes, my laptop does support an external monitor. I had bought a HD TV and hooked it up, but for photos, it didn’t seem too good. I took me forever to get the colors right and the pictures were very fuzzy on it. I was told not to buy a HD TV, but just a flat screen monitor as my laptop does not put out in HD. We’ll see if they were telling the truth or pulling my leg. 🙂

  2. I just got my new camera at Best Buy. I love those 24 month zero% deals.

  3. I use a 15″ Macbook Pro with a 23″ Mac Monitor. It’s older (2008) so it doesn’t have the glossy screen. I love this set up — so much screen!

    Carl (my S.O.) has a 24″ iMac with the new screen and he says that as long as you don’t have a window facing the screen, it is fine. I don’t think you really want that anyway. He loves his iMac too. He also has a MacBook with the glass screen… and I’ve never heard him complain. You have to trust Apple not to do a bad design… the glass displays are sharper than the Matte and for photography that’s obviously better.

    My understanding is that new Cinema Screens are excellent… and require less cables to hook to the Macbook Pro.

    Of course you have to be careful about adding a second monitor… if you have an older MacBook Pro like mine, you might not have the “mini display port “needed for the new
    27” LED Cinema Display. Is that why you are looking at an iMac rather than just an additional monitor?

    • Hi Judy,

      You must have the same MBP I do as mine is a 2008 model with the matte screen. However, it has a DVI port and not a mini. The Mac displays are a little out of my price range, though they are nice!!

      I think I was eyeing the new iMacs simply because they look so nice 🙂 and would actually take up less room on my little desk than my laptop and a monitor. They also have more power and a larger HD. Plus, I have an iPad so the need for a laptop is less than before. However, since I am really wanting another camera lens, I will probably go for a monitor. My desk currently sits with a window to the right of it, though I guess I could move it if necessary.

      Thanks for the info.

      • It does sound like we have the same model. If you have the iPad, then I see the temptation to replace the MacBook Pro with the iMac. Of course, walking into an Apple store is so dangerous! Have you considered Craig’s list for a DVI Mac monitor?

  4. We just got the boys mac books for their birthdays (and Christmas)…they have those glossy screens (just not big)…and I thought it would have a bad glare, but once we got them home I didn’t notice one….I liked the way the words stood out a bit more…looks more 3Dish!

    Now that the boys got their own laptops I should be able to touch the ipad more lol And by the way, my husband finally got his new toy…..he did opt for the apple tv over the google tv…netflix is really nice on it!

    • You must have some very happy campers!! And a happy mom-but, I’m still holding out you’re getting your own iPad for Christmas. 🙂 Or maybe even a shiny new iMac. Glad to hear you like the Apple TV. Google was having trouble with streaming broadcast stations. Both my kids have Netflix-Mike loved being able to watch on the trip from Chicago. I might give it a try also though I’m not much of a movie watcher.

      If my son comes across any RE aps he finds useful, I’ll pass them on.

      As far as the iMac, I kind of noticed the same thing in the store-the glare wasn’t too bad. But, I’m so easily tempted by this type of thing. Maybe I should find a 12 step group for gadgaholics!! But, a nice big screen would be nice. 🙂

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