Retro Redux

At the behest of others, I revisited the image I used for the theme. Such great suggestions! I thank you all! I really haven’t used Elements in a long time, being so busy taking pictures, I’ve forgotten what it can do for an image. I sort of followed a Corey Barker vid (on my iPad, of course) but really only followed adding paper and the blend modes. I then added the antique photo effect from the effects palette. The second image is the original without any editing(for Ron 🙂 ).


~ by victry1 on December 2, 2010.

7 Responses to “Retro Redux”

  1. Thanks for the wish fulfillment, But if ever you take advice from someone without knowledge, “Next time you met him – Do a deal -Pay what ever it costs, you need to take about 100 shots of his face and a thousand of his eyes! If you do you will become famous – That is a face!

    For your period piece Dump his watch, Velcro Shoes and rough up the shiny band on his cap!

    Thanks again.

  2. You did a fine job of putting the retro in this shot! I love the texture and the coloring really adds a nice old feeling.

  3. YESS! Now it looks like something that might havw been taken during the Civil War.

  4. This turned out great Eleanor!! Which TUT did you get that wringled paper look from? my Retro could use some of that. LOL

  5. I really love that image. You have processed it perfectly. It really looks like a vintage photo. Great (and handsome) model by the way.

  6. Totally awesome…I absolutely love that technique and the results! You nailed it!

  7. Sweet.

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