This theme has been a particular challenge and I’m not entirely happy with what I’ve done. I think I will probably keep my eye out for more opportunity on this theme. Hopefully, I will do better. The one photo (with the leaf) was taken with my iPhone and edited in Photogene and Colorsplash. The other I took with my Rebel and I didn’t edit it because I really didn’t like it. I thought maybe the contrast between the bills and the pennies might say “insignificant”, but, to my mind it didn’t. Maybe someone else’s perspective will be different. The shot with the leaves may have looked better if I had taken it from a greater distance, but light and circumstance dictated otherwise.

I will say, that in looking at them together, I like the one with the money better-the pennies do look somewhat insignificant against that background.


~ by victry1 on November 19, 2010.

9 Responses to “Insignificant”

  1. After work I am to but a Rebel.

  2. Colour Texture and coinage, what is insignificant there?

  3. I actually love that first image…the color pop makes the image! Very unique composition too!

  4. There ya go, Ron. If it doesn’t bring across insignificance, then, IMO, I did not fulfil the theme. But, maybe by the end of the month, I might be able to get a photo to communicate that.

  5. Thanks, Tammy. I used Colorsplash in order to have only the leaf and change in color.

  6. I thin for the theme, I’m going with the “money shot.” It is crisp and clean and I like the black background. I like the processing in the leaf and penny shot… very nice job.

  7. I’m impressed by the clarity and sharpness you get with your iPhone! I love these two images, the leaf one a tad more than the money one 🙂 but both are great.

  8. I really like that first image. It looks like something that you might really look down and see as you are walking through the woods.

  9. I suppose the pennies with the bills is the most logical, but I really like the leaf and the pennies. The color difference is so striking and the clarity is super. I haven’t tried the theme yet, so you are way ahead of me!!

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