Thanks to the blog-I can’t get that song by the Mama’s and Papa’s out of my head!! LOL Forget the name of it but it goes like this “All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray. Went out for a walk on a winter’s day”. The leaves are definitely brown here, but couldn’t get that grey November sky.

Taken with my T1i, vignette added in Aperture 3. Otherwise SOOC.


~ by victry1 on November 4, 2010.

14 Responses to “Brown”

  1. I think it’s California Dreaming, but that is Just a guess, great Autumn shot.

  2. California Dremaing…I used to listen to it wistfuly when I was in school in dreary grey Brookly NY–even though I’d never been to California. But you’ve got sunlight on your birch leaves!

  3. Just beautiful! let me know when you figure how to add aaudio

  4. Great Autumn shot, love the colours and the sharpness of the leaves.

  5. Very pretty. The light is so nice and I like how the leaves are all in a horizontal line.

    (Hmmm…..I know you said it is basically straight out of camera, but in my view this could be improved with some sharpening and a bit of contrast/curves adjustment.)

  6. The lighting is perfect in this…it really makes those brown leaves just beautiful!

  7. The brown leaves in that light makes for a really nice image! Now I have “California Dreamin'” stuck in my head!!

  8. Wonderful colors and the lighting is just super.

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