As I walked Odie this morning, we passed this church with it’s doors open, inviting people in. I like the way only the one door is open, as if not to reveal everything at once or be overwhelming. (I’m sure whoever opened the door didn’t think about this at all). I’m disappointed I was unable to capture any of the stained glass windows seen through the door, but I guess that would have been stretching the capabilities of my iPhone. Taken with my iPhone and HDR added in the ezimba app. BTW, iPhone 4 now has native HDR capabilities. Pretty neat. I haven’t used the function much as it’s new and I’m not in the habit of remembering the phone has that capability.


~ by victry1 on September 20, 2010.

12 Responses to “Open”

  1. Good to see, there are too many of those locked and bolted today!

  2. It’s an old-fashioned church with beautiful colors…as well as a beautiful spirit inviting one to at least peek inside.

  3. What a beautiful church and what an inviting open door…seeing that makes me just want to enter since it looks so friendly! Really nice processing – it really brings out those outstanding details!

  4. I like your interpretation of the half open doors! I like the top photo better since it is easier to see the detail. I’m impressed with what an iPhone can do.

    I just purchased the new iPod Touch… I was so excited to have the HDR ability and I’ve seen such fabulous photos on this blog. But, it turns out that Apple did not put the same camera/software in the new iPod Touch. Still, at least I get to fool around with the some of camera apps. Although, I haven’t been happy enough with any of the results to post them.

    • Thank you, Judi. I did not know that about the Touch. That’s a real bummer. But, I guess if the camera was as good, it would cut into ATT’s sales. I did use an app to apply the HDR though as I forgot the iPhone can do it right from the camera now.

  5. the tighter shot is so inviting and it is such a lovely looking building, what a treat to have on your walk. I’m impressed too by the iPhone shots I’ve been seeing and the apparently endless apps.

  6. Lovely images of this church and I am impressed by the iPhone here. I’ve got an iPhone 3 and have not managed to get such brilliant photos. Good job.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Glad you like it. The iPhone 3 does not have the same pixels or photons that the iPhone 4 does. However, it does do well in good light. (Plus, the apps help. LOL) The camera and battery life are the only reasons I upgraded to 4 from the 3Gs.

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