Not exactly one of our themes, but one of the shots I got at PSW2010. I wish I had paid a little more attention to the lighting they were using. They had 4 models with different lighting and backgrounds. It was interesting to see the differences each effect had. The marionette was my favorite. Taken with my T1i and kit lens.

The following was taken with my iPhone and edited on the iPad:


~ by victry1 on September 12, 2010.

10 Responses to “Marionette”

  1. If I had taken either of these shots, Tammy and Julie would have labelled me Pervert, and Sally would have boxed my ears! LOL I love both of these fun shots!

    • LOL, Ron. Not sure they would, but you would have had plenty of company. There tons of photophers taking advantage of these modeling sessions. Glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

  2. The marionette photo is really interesting. The lighting and the backdrop are great. What a fun thing to do at PSW!

  3. I adore that marionette shot! The way you shot just the upper part makes for a more interesting shot. How fun….

  4. By the way, Scott posted information on his blog today about the lighting used for these model shoots at PSW.

  5. Both shots are awesome, but I too favor the marionette shot…it is just so unique…that is one area I just don’t get – indoor lighting…I need to play with that more!

    • I like the marionette one better also. It has a lot more interest than Daisy Duke. It was especially striking when viewed on my iPad. 🙂 I have a matte screen on my computer and the glossy one of the iPad really makes it pop.

  6. That was a clever thing for them to do at the show! I like the way you caught the Marionette with her turned… makes the image softer. I guess the second one is more cliche and not as interesting… but you did shoot it well and the vignette frame works.

    • Thanks, Judi. She was posing all over the place, so there was no shortage of angles. Just sometimes a little tough taking a shot as there were quite a few people there with the same idea. I’m sure BillZ got some also. (I think anyway).

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