Street Scenes and Architecture

It seemed like we had a whirlwind visit to Chicago. Despite, the many awesome sights there, I didn’t manage to capture as much as I thought I would. (partially due to spending 3 days at the Air Show-which was pretty neat). There had been a Friday tip to do street scenes and architecture and I thought Chicago would be perfect for that. But, when you’re busy, it doesn’t work like that. haha I did get these with my iPhone (of course). A couple of them were edited sligthly. The street sculpture of the dancers was not edited. I like the one of the dog looking at his owner. This was at a table outside of Starbucks. I watched as the owner ate and that dog’s gaze did not waver from his owner. Whether, devotion or hunger I don’t know.

Next week we’re off to Vegas. I’ll be there in time for the last day of Photoshop World. I didn’t sign up for the conference as when we booked our vacation I didn’t know it was there at the time, but I might wander up there anyway.


~ by victry1 on August 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “Street Scenes and Architecture”

  1. Love the attention of everyone in the first being fixed on something else, and all the night shoys are wonderous!

    • What a great observation, Ron. I was so fixated on the girl and her dog, I barely noticed the other people other than thinking in wish they weren’t in the picture. Thanks! 🙂

  2. What a great selection of shots from your Chicago visit. I love the dancing sculpture and the shoe sculpture and the huge eyeball.

    I like Ron’s observation too. He has a great way of seeing the whole scene with all it’s details.

    • Yes, he does Julie. In fact, a lot of people saw things here that I didn’t!! I was so fixated on how the dog just stared at his master while she ate that I didn’t notice anyone else!!

  3. These are great! I too like how you’ve captured the people sitting together, but not together and how they each doing something different. Puts a different twist on the rule of thirds. The composition on the wall dancer is perfect because he has room to land. All the sculptures are interesting… like how the eyeball creates a study area for the students. And I like the car going by the city church.

  4. What a fine slice of a quick glimpse of Chicago. I love that the three people look privately happy in a public space.

  5. I have never been to Chicago (except the airport)…I love this quick sampling of the area…you have me yearning for more!

  6. I love everybody’s perspectives-they broaden mine. I see one thing and others see something else. So, next time I’m out I will be looking harder. 🙂

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