Here are a few of the beautiful faces from the Pow Wow on Sunday. Some of the young people really got into the dancing, despite the oppressive heat. They were all taken with my Rebel and 70-200 lens, however, various focal lengths and exposure settings. Edited slightly in Aperture 3 and some of them a vignette was added.


~ by victry1 on August 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “Faces”

  1. Lovely commemoration of your nations heritage!

    • Thanks, Ron. Now, if only the history books would reflect what really happened when the Europeans came to this country, it would be nice.

  2. I was just looking at these on facebook….fabulous colors and love the facial expressions…my favorite is the 3rd one down…that head piece is amazing and you captured all of the details wonderfully!

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to a Pow Wow! Really appreciate this pictures… the costumes are so creative. I like dancing ones best… although the head shots are fun too.

    • Thanks for the visit Judi. The dancers are really fun. It was so blisteringly hot I don’t know how they managed with their costumes and all. But, if you get a chance, definitely go to one. They usually also have tons of nice art work, etc. on display, silver jewelry for sale,so it’s a nice all around visit.

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