I’m pretty sure critters weren’t what our admins had in mind when they added this theme to the list. LOL I promise to look for real faces, but this guy was so cute and a surprise I couldn’t resist. It’s also the second time I was in the park with my camera – in the bag!! I should know better, but Alvin (guess that’s his name) hung out til I got my camera out and exposed properly. Did an auto enhance in Aperture 3. It was shot with my Rebel at 1/320, f5, ISO 400, 200mm.


~ by victry1 on August 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Face”

  1. Great capture!! When it comes to the themes it is our interpretation that counts not what the admins or Ron think. LOL

    I love how the foreground leads you to think the one behind the camera was laying in wait for this shot.

  2. He seems happy to face you off, so it fits like a glove.

  3. Very nice capture…love how he is peeking over the stump…Alvin is such a cutie! (Did he break out in a song and dance for you too)??

  4. That is a great shot, he is nice and sharp. I like that you got him in action and peeking out at you….

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