I have to admit I wasn’t going for this particular theme with this photo. I was in the park trying to find something to shoot for either ’empty’ or ‘faces’ or some such. But, as I was leaving, these guys just flew across the sky and I quickly turned and snapped this shot. (habit-if it moves, shoot it. haha). If I was choosing to shoot them, I would not have been in aperture priority mode – f3.5, speed 1/400, ISO 800., 28-75mm lens. In fact the real reason I went to the park was to try and get some shots with a 2nd hand lens I bought from B&H to be sure it’s ok. I processed it with the Toy Camera effect in Aperture 3.


~ by victry1 on August 5, 2010.

7 Responses to “Flight”

  1. That turned out to be a very cool shot!

  2. Thanks, as usual, it was through no fault of my own. 🙂

  3. Were yoy tempted to follow, always effects me like that! – The second part of your instinct phrase is “If it stands still, paint it!” Army Training 101.

  4. Very fun shot….love the silhouettes against that blue sky…the shapes are very distinct! Wonderful “accident” as you put it!

  5. Nice accident… love the way those necks stretch out. This is an effective use of the Toy Camera preset. I have yet to have this preset work for any of my pics so it good to see it in use. Now I know I’ll try it on a much simpler photo.

  6. Those silhouettes capture the very essence of flight.

  7. Hey, great to be in the right place and with the camera ready. It is a really nice silhouette.

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