Cloud Fantasy

I have always loved looking at cloud formations and letting my imagination have free rein. Preferably while lying on my back in a nice grassy field on a summer day or on the beach by the ocean. This cloud formation just looked like it had a tower coming straight up toward heaven. Kind of like a magic castle. It was taken with my T1i, 70-200 lens @ 180mm, f5, ISO 800, 1/800. I think I had the WB on cloudy. I applied the Toy Camera effect in aperture 3 as I thought it enhanced the fantasy aspect.


~ by victry1 on July 12, 2010.

7 Responses to “Cloud Fantasy”

  1. That’s beautiful! I did some cloud gazing myself today too. Not enough can be said about it.

  2. That’s gorgeous! Clouds can be amazing and your processing really enhanced this formation!

  3. This is spectacular!

  4. Nice use of the Toy Camera preset… it does help make the cloud build up have a Disney castle affect! I can almost see the flag at the top.

  5. Now that is a great cloud to jump in or for pillow cloud fights! 🙂 I love the soft pink glow coming from these puffy beauties!

  6. The effect in tremendous–it highlights the movement and power of those clouds.

  7. This does look like one could just jump in from the bit of tree tops and float about. so nice and cool processing.

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