Watermarks, Signatures and Logos.

As I browse the various blogs, I see some people use watermarks, signatures or even logos. (Ron, yours is really cool). Is there a different purpose in using one or the other? I understand signatures a bit, as artists do sign their work. 🙂 Some place a watermark over their photo.Don’t remember seeing any copyright marks. Some people (like me) don’t apply any of these. Are these just for protection or just something you do. Thanks!!


~ by victry1 on July 8, 2010.

6 Responses to “Watermarks, Signatures and Logos.”

  1. Not on my stuff Elanor, look where they are placed, Last year I was learning these things, now I have to admit it is just cause I’m a show off, and a bit of fun, I have changed them three time this year and it has just passed half way.

    If they want to steal my stuff how can I stop em? Judging by the drop in comments across the whole VPW site most of us are safe in that regard anyway. I won’t make money from em so unlike Madonna “Boys Just wanna have FUN!”

    • Thanks for your answer, Ron. Show off all you like. I’m pretty sure the drop in comments have more to do with the season than anything else. Personally, I hate being inside, so good weather usually finds me outside, away from computers.

  2. I use mine as a reminder to people viewing my blog that these images belong to me. I didn’t start using it until a participant on the walk posted a photo that belonged to someone else and they failed to say it wasn’t theirs. It made me realize that there are a lot of people out there who do not understand that images posted on the ‘net are not free for the taking. My signature does have the copyright symbol and the year but it isn’t always visible. I know this isn’t going to deter people who truly are unscrupulous, but it may deter people who think if the image isn’t marked it’s okay to take. I also store my copyright info in my exif data.

    • Thanks for the info, Julie. That’s a good thought. Yes, there are those who think nothing of taking an image, but a visible signature would be a deterrent. Guess I always thought, who would be interested in my images-but you never know. Haha. I do store my copyright data in my EXIF though. (that’s a recent development since I got Aperture 3).

  3. I am concerned about people taking my pictures and calling them their own, but realize there is quite a bit of work involved in fully protecting that from happening. I am probably most concerned about that happening with things I put in shows or enter in contests, what I consider my best work. I use the Fine Art America site which protects copyrights in a couple of different ways. http://fineartamerica.com I worry less about it all now than I used to since if I go to any site right now for any one I find pictures similar to mine. Truth is anyone can take pictures and do what I can do. Sort of makes me less special, but then makes me try much harder to be different, more artistic, and finally better than someone else (if that’s my real goal, sometimes it is, sometimes not). There are plenty of free softwares out there as well as expensive ones that will allow you to capture a screen shot of anything on your screen. I have a message on my sight and occasionally write a post about things being copyrighted. If someone really wants something they will get it. Protect your most important images, maybe something that is one of a kind; otherwise relax and have fun. I also, like Julie, use the EXIF data to imbed my personal information on every image.

    • Thanks for sharing Terri. I will check out that sight. I don’t exhibit or anything, so my worries are less than yours. But, I also guess that’s why it’s good to size for the web when posting. It may make the photo or screen shot less printable.

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