Splish Splash, I was taking a bath

or this oriole was anyway. 🙂 This is the first oriole I have ever seen. I was so happy-he (or she) is so pretty!! It was really hot that day so I was fortunate to catch him trying to cool off. Taken with my Rebel T1i, 70-200mm, 1.4 converter, f5.6, 1/1600, ISO 400.


~ by victry1 on June 28, 2010.

6 Responses to “Splish Splash, I was taking a bath”

  1. Hey Guys, no peeking – Avert your eyes – How about some privacy! Well don’t just stand there, hand me a towel!

  2. I have been trying to get an oriole for some time, then you come along with not just an oriole but with one taking a bath! What a capture!

    • I was just lucky. Wish I had a longer lens. 😦 But, such is life. I was so thrilled-I think the only reason was cause it was so blasted hot that day he needed to cool off badly enough he didn’t flee the moment he realized I was there. Now, to try and get a shot of a red wing blackbird-boy, they move fast.

  3. You took good advantage of a rare opportunity!

  4. He performed well for you!! I haven’t seen an oriole for a very long time.

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