I had illusions of getting a shot of 2 soccer players fighting for the ball or maybe an “alley oop” on the basketball court.Maybe even a baseball being hit for a homerun! LOL Alas, suddenly there’s barely a ball to be found. Fortunately, Joshua returned from Peru today and was thrilled to reconnect with Odie; Taken with my T1i and edited in Aperture 3. I tried to adjust the exposure and lighten the shadows, but it didn’t do much. I’m thinking next time I’m shooting in a shadowy scene, maybe break out the external flash. On the other hand, I did like the tension and if anyone’s wondering-it’s Odie’s ball.


~ by victry1 on June 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “Ball”

  1. What a wonderful shot for the boy (Still) in me to see, talk about going back in time.

  2. So cute! Is this your grandson?

  3. I like this better than any old official sport game! You can see the joy both of them are having playing together. Tough one to catch with the light and shadows. Since the eyes are drawn to the light, I’d try cropping it to keep the focus on the boy and dog.

  4. Best friends forever! I love how you captured the exciting play between friends!

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