Lady Liberty as seen from the East River. This was taken with my 70-200 lens @f6.3, 1/1600, ISO 400. I edited in Aperture 3. I am just finding out about Curves so I may have gotten a little carried away in trying to bring out the colors. This trip confirmed to me that the camera does not see what we see. There were some beautiful colors as we went up the river, but they were somewhat washed out when I downloaded them. In all honesty, the sunset was not this colorful even to my eye, but I did want to bring out the circle of the sun behind her. On a side note, I am hoping that I didn’t damage my lens……. eek

Anyway, if you think a more natural look would be better, please feel free to let me know. Thanks!


~ by victry1 on May 26, 2010.

7 Responses to “Circles”

  1. Wonderful silhouette, and this is my favorite as the more brilliant sun gives life to the East River!

  2. I love this, Eleanor. The light on the water is stunning and so is the sky. Don’t feel bad about editing back in some of what the camera didn’t capture! It’s gorgeous…

  3. I think this looks great. I know whenever I decide my hand at curves I can be in there for an hour trying this and that and then starting over again. It’s some powerful tool, isn’t it?

    I also think you captured our Lady quite well. It’s a really great silhouette. Mind if a show this to a few people here in Arizona to remind them what our country is supposed to be about?

    • Thanks for the kind comment & visit Judi. I really have to learn how curves acts. I agree, it is powerful.

      Feel free to show our lady to whomever you like. I imagine there’s any number of folk out west who didn’t come through Ellis Island and view the lady upon their arrival.

  4. Now this is perfect for the silhouette assignment…the colors and shapes in this is outstanding!

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