Friday tip-Silhouette

Tonight, a couple friends and I took the Circle Line Harbor Lights cruise around Manhattan. Even if you’ve been to NY many times or even lived there, it can be interesting. And friends make it fun. You do see a view of NY that most don’t and see things you wouldn’t even connect with the city. Today, for example, they were having a sailboat race.

I had my DSLR with me, of course, but I took these 2 photos with my iPhone. I like them as much or better as the ones I took with a regular camera. With my camera, I had trouble at twilight. I set my ISO too high, in order to get the exposure meter where I wanted it to be, so some of those shots came out like daylight! :eek Which only means I will have to do it again…..LOL

I did no editing and did not use an app for these.


~ by victry1 on May 21, 2010.

10 Responses to “Friday tip-Silhouette”

  1. Both wonderful backlit cityscapes, boy you did good girl!

    • Thanks, Ron! I was thinking of a silhouette, but wasn’t sure it would come out. Plus, it was so crowded it was hard sometimes to get a pic.

  2. I am jealous…that sounds like quite the night! Your city scape silhouettes turned out fantastic (especially since you did no editing)! Wow, that must have been so beautiful!

    • Thanks, Tammy. It was pretty nice out there. First time I’ve been on it with a decent sunset. Anytime you’re out this way, just look me up and we can do a cruise.

  3. A double silhouette! VEry effective–and one more exapmle of the great things that can be done with the iPhone.

    • Thanks Bobbi. I didn’t think it would come out so well. But, the boat was so crowded, it got a little hard to take pictures, so I thought I would try the phone. Plus, I guess I was a little bored too. LOL

  4. I think those turned out wonderfully. I’m yearning for an iPhone…

  5. Lovely indeed. I am so impressed by your and by Bobbie’s iPhone shots, it must make you think more of the composing rather that the settings of a dslr.

    • Thanks, Ellen. You’re right, I put much more consideration into composition with the iPhone than I do with my DSLR. Hopefully, the thought process will rub off when I am using it.

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