The Birds and the Bees

Not sure how ‘wild” anyone considers these, but, I was really happy to photograph these goldfinches at my local park. I was using my 70-200mm lens, without the extender, unfortunately. Not sure what I was thinking but I know I was trying to get out of the mode I am normally in. Of course, the park may not be the place to be without as much reach as possible. However, I did do the birds with manual focus. The shrubbery and my camera got into an argument about where to focus, so I was forced to step in. So, I was pleased with the result as I’m not very good with manual focus, nor too practiced. The little bee was outside my kitchen window as I watched/listened to the CLPhoto webcast. (those guys are good!). Same lens.


~ by victry1 on May 19, 2010.

13 Responses to “The Birds and the Bees”

  1. The title indicated different sorts of photos to this, which would have needed a lot more Blue Tint correction than I had to do, LOL But Boids and Bees are favourite subjects of mine too. Well done!

  2. Very well done – I really love the bees!

  3. Wow–coll how you caught the bee in mid-buzz!

  4. They sure are pretty birds! I’m still looking forward to seeing them here but they haven’t shown up yet. I know what you mean about manual focus for those shots. I also don’t find that so easy, but you did well.

  5. The image of the bee in flight is a winner, no easy task to capture, great job!!

  6. These are are winner shots…but wow, that last one of the bee flying is incredible..what great details and clarity!

  7. The flying bee is fantastic!

  8. Wow, thanks people! I’m feeling pretty good right now. Maybe I should sit by my kitchen window more often. LOL

  9. I love the way the bee seems to be fleeing, like he’s scared of you! Plus, you framed it so nicely with the flowers. Well done!

    I agree, the CreativeLive lessons are great!

  10. What a fine series.Goldfinches are so cheery. I especially love the bee in flight, loaded with rhododendron pollen.

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