I hadn’t planned on doing a portrait of my grandson, But, he leaves tomorrow for 5 weeks in Peru and we were hanging outside. Seemed like the perfect moment to catch a shot, despite the sun being so high and hot. I did have a polarizer on my Ef-s 55-250mm lens, they were taken at 60mm, ISO 200, aperture f5.6, shutter speed 1/125. I believe I was in either auto or program mode.

I can see where it is still a little too bright despite some light editing in Aperture 3-if anyone has any suggestions to correct that, I’m happy to receive them. (outside of don’t take the pictures in bright sunlight LOL)


~ by victry1 on May 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “Portrait”

  1. I think those are great! He’s really cute and very photogenic! Direct sun is always difficult.

    • Thanks, montucky. I really only had the camera with me cause there had been a hawk flying around, but it seemed so opportune to snap a few as we were hanging in the grass.

  2. I could never get sick of pictures of that cute grandson…I love that smile! Love the natural surroundings in this as well! A bright and sunny smile!

    • He’s such a natural for pictures and he loves it!! I printed out this one and he didn’t want to let it go! So I sent it to Peru with him for his other grandma. He’ll be gone 5 weeks-an eternity in grandma time.

  3. What an engaging smile he has! You’ve captured that and that little hint of mischief that every child has.

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