One of this…..and one of that……

Today I went out with my Rebel T1i…… πŸ™‚ Not for long, but was able to get shots of “one”….butterfly, which made me happy, big turtle (not so great-I have a long way to go with these water images. I may have to get a polarizer and see if that helps) and one of Odie…..They were all taken with my 70-200mm lens.


~ by victry1 on April 30, 2010.

8 Responses to “One of this…..and one of that……”

  1. It really looks like the same butterfly, but good shots as they are so quick and unpredictable. Specifically Love the dog’s alertness.

  2. They sure are unpredictable! But, I was real nice and said “pretty please”. It could possibly be the same butterfly, though they were taken on opposite sides of the park. The pup was probably looking for a handout-that’s the way to guarantee alertness. LOL

  3. I really like the first butterfly, with the nice contrasts between him and the green leaves, and that’s a great shot of the dog. I’ve also struggled trying to get a decent shot of a turtle.

    • Thanks, montucky. I like the first one best also. Butterflies are much harder to capture than I knew. I’ll be a while learning these water shots, but it only gives me something to learn.

  4. Those butterflies are striking – love that color! You and that camera and lens are becoming good friends – these are all beautiful (and I love that puppy dog smile)! πŸ™‚

    • Yep, the camera is almost becoming an obsession…… LOL But, it’s fun and when I get a good shot, there’s that immediate gratification going on. And the sense of accomplishment as I learn.

  5. She has grown so much! I love her bright alertness no matter what caused it. The top butterfly is especially nice. The turtle seems to me so tricky, bright reflective water wanting to blow out and a dark thing moving…

    • Odette has certainly grown, but has a long way to go. She looks so adult there, yet she is still a pup-only 5 months yet. She will be a beautiful dog when she’s older. Thanks for the visit!

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