This theme has been something of a challenge. The challenge being to have the emotion come across in a photo. However, some of the most heartfelt moments don’t invite a photo as they are private moments.

Today, with the rain is somewhat melancholy. I’m still trying for a shot that would express that well. I snapped this photo from the car on my way home from church today. It was taken with my iPhone and edited in PSMobile. Not sure it speaks of melancholia, but, to me the scene was drab, so that was close.


~ by victry1 on April 25, 2010.

9 Responses to “Emotions-Melancholy”

  1. That’s a terrific capture for “melancholy” — the gloomy, rainy day and the pose in the doorway!

  2. This is a hard theme to photograph… probably because it is so wide open. But this photo is very interesting. Framing it from your passenger window adds all the more to the emotion of the photo.. it captures yours and his by doing so.

    • Being wide open like that is good, I think. It leaves it up to the photographer whether to capture and show the emotion or find an image that might evoke an emotion. Thanks for the comment on the framing. I deliberately left some of my car in to try to enhance the feeling of separation.

  3. Oh, I think it certainly does convey melancholia–a lone man hunched in the doorway in the rain. Since it was clearly snapped from a passing car, it adds that sense of privacy (capotured unawares) that you mentioned in your commentary.

  4. You captured my emotions exactly yesterday and today…I am yearning for blue skies! I love this and the mood you created!

    • Hope you’re getting your blue skies, Tammy. We’re going to have a few this weekend. Now, hoping we have them when we go to watch Ginger do her walk through Morristown.

  5. Perfectly framed and an instant feel of the moment. Very nicely done

    • Thanks for the compliment, Ellen. I’m finding the iPhone handy as it is always with me. Now, for better eyes to see what I’m doing on it…….

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