Metal & the Middle of the World

I grabbed the camera this morning – not even my camera bag and my license and snuck out for a few minutes of sunshine and blue skies. 🙂 I found this metal thing at the end of the lake in my local park. Have no idea what it is-it’s been there for ages. Oh, and it’s worn, too. I did some editing in Aperture 3 just to brighten it a bit.

The following is a metal plate hanging on the wall in my daughter in law’s house. Mitad del Mundo is “Middle of the World”. It is located directly on the equator. A very interesting place to visit. If you stand on one side of the equatorial line and pour water into a sink, it will swirl clockwise, step on the other side and it swirls counter clockwise! For years a spot about 200 feet distant had been marked as middle of the world. With GPS now they have found this other place to be the middle. You can see shrunken heads there, plants that are hallucinogenic and hear the history of the native Indians.

Here’s a few shots from our visit there:

How to shrink a head (you never know when this could come in handy LOL)

Equator located by GPS:

Globe 200 feet away marking where they originally thought the middle of the world was.

Mountain view from the equator:

All photos taken in Ecuador with my Powershot S5


~ by victry1 on March 25, 2010.

9 Responses to “Metal & the Middle of the World”

  1. Those are very interesting photos of Ecuador!

    I’ve seen many metal structures like that used to raise and lower gates to irrigation canals That’s a possibility.

  2. That could very well be, montucky. We have the Morris Canal which was a major transportation waterway, though it is about 2 miles away. Someday I will find out!! 🙂

  3. As C. S. Lewis once said “Curiouser and Curiouser”!

  4. That is interesting, I think I saw something about the “four corners monument” being in the wrong location.

  5. How cool are these, your metal shots are fantastic, but I especially enjoyed your “middle of the world” series…unique and somewhere I would love to see!

    • Definitely was a great place to visit. The climate was awesome-so were the mountains. I’ve never been up that high. Sea level my whole life. I was okay until I went to 15,000 feet. Then I did feel the altitude. I’d encourage you to go when the opportunity presents itself.

  6. Yikes! What an array of cool photos.

  7. Well you have a vast array of subjects here… I love your Ecuador presentation…I was going to say {with the exception of the “How To”} but I remembered I had some interesting photos depicting the battles between Texas and Mexico that might raise some eyebrows!
    We visited Venezuela for our 25th anniversary so many years ago. I would not trade that trip for anything.
    You asked about my twin and I…we are fraternal. Mom was 40 when we were born, and I guess twinship happens a lot as one grows older. We do not have ‘certain feelings’ when one suffers or has catastrophic things happen, but we do have some physical sameness; i.e., our voices sound a lot alike.

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