Joy-Friday tip

My 2 year old grandson stayed overnight a couple times. That was joy to me. I always have such a good time with him and laugh so much! (I will admit to being grateful for the returning the noise level to a normal volume when he goes home though.)
The slide photo has some haze because of where the sun was and how it was hitting the UV filter I have on my lens.

The slide photo I did an Auto Enhance in Aperture 3 which punched up the colors a little, the other one I only cropped.


~ by victry1 on March 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Joy-Friday tip”

  1. He just looks like he smiles and laughs all of the time, looks like a perfect JOY to be around (not to mention very handsome)!

  2. What a beautiful smile he has. You can see the joy all over his face. What a great memory you hve captured.

  3. Great images of joy Eleanor. Have you ever tried a polarizing filter, it will remove the glare that you are getting here.

  4. Thanks for the comments, everybody!! I get happy everytime I look at them. 🙂 Jens, I do have a polarizing filter but I always forget to put it in my bag. Plus, I was not at right angles to the sun so I thought it may not help. (afterthought). But, now I will throw it in my bag and try and remember to put it on!

  5. So much Fun – Too Good!

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