Seems appropriate for a Sunday. 🙂 Whatever or whoever you have faith in, faith demands an object and a response. If you have faith a chair will hold you, you will sit in it. (I realize that’s simplistic but it’s just an example). But, your faith needs a foundation – a reason for you to have it. Blind people put their faith in guide dogs to lead them around obstacles and to keep them out of harms way. Their faith is not without reason-the dogs are well trained by their instructors during an intense 4 month period. Here Odie meets a fellow guide dog in Morristown, along with his instructor. The dog is Rory and he is a fine example. I hope Ginger and Odie follow in his footsteps.

(shot in auto mode as I was surprised to see them.)


~ by victry1 on March 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “Faith”

  1. Beautiful dogs. Wonderful cause, Eleanor! Great job!

  2. A pup van always learn from the old dog on the block. Love the shots!

  3. I think that I would have a fairly easy time having faith in a well trained dog.

  4. I think you nailed the FAITH theme…beautiful shots of beautiful and faithful dogs!!!

  5. This is such an outstanding example of faith. I so admire your dedication and desire to be such a help to people in need.

  6. Best take on faith I’ve seen! I love both these shots, remember- auto is not evil.

  7. Thanks everybody for stopping by and commenting!

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