As much as I abhor this weather (& we are scheduled for several days of it), I had to remind myself that without the rain we would not have flowers, green grass, fruit, etc. So, all these good things are wrapped in a dreary package.

Shot with my T1i from inside my nice dry home. 🙂 on Manual, 1/320, f 6.3, ISO 400, focal length 172, 70-200mm lens. Adjusted curves and levels in Aperture 3 and cropped.


~ by victry1 on March 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “Packaging”

  1. Love this! The hint of the hydrant w/ those rain drops is perfect -very cool idea!

  2. Whenever one thinks of a hydrant you imagine this big gushing flow of water, is there a hidden message here?? LOL Love the composition and contrast in the image.

  3. Great capture of the rain drops on the puddle. And, the hint of a red hydrant really makes this picture! (Oops, just saw what Tammy wrote and it’s practically the same thing… really, I didn’t copy her!)

  4. The shadow of the standard comes across the puddle, almost like it is saying: I draw the line. Come no further! lol Capture of the effects of the rain in the puddle is very difficult to capture, Eleanor. You managed very well. And of course, the foreground bokeh of the fire hydrant makes this pop because otherwise, it would be a B&W. Nice composition and capture.

  5. What a creative use of the theme. Nice job. I love the way the rain drops pattern the puddle with the rings. Also like the splash of color from the hydrant.

  6. Thank you everybody for your visits and comments. They mean a lot. Unlike some other photos I’ve done where there has been a nice addition or part of the photo (hydrant), this one was planned………LOL

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