Filling the Frame

Getting a little closer to accomplishing that with my subjects. Haha……I did clone out a very large can lid that she was laying next to though.
Shot with my T1i, 1/60 ISO 1600, f4, 78mm.


~ by victry1 on March 13, 2010.

13 Responses to “Filling the Frame”

  1. She is soo cute. You did a great job on the cloning. Nice picture!!

  2. She is beautiful! I like how “filling the frame” helps out the photos.

    • Thanks Judi. Filling the frame definitely brings the subject into focus. My problem is, I’m always tring to fill the frame with a moving object!! Doesn’t work so well. 🙂

  3. Nicely filled frame, Eleanor. Wouldn’t you just love to be able to curl up like that any time of the day to take a quick nap? 😀 I enlarged and couldn’t find a trace where you cloned out anything. That is good. I worked and worked on a photo last night, and regardless of what I did, those tell-tale lines were still there. And I am usually good at removing things, copy/paste – cloning, healing brush. You name it. You did well.

    • Tell me about it, Iona! This dog sleeps like a rock! LOL Thanks for the compliments re: the cloning. I’m starting not to be so afraid of it now. (thanks to you) 🙂

  4. That explains her dejected look the lid was to remind you to feed her again, so cruel. A lovely dog shot, but then most are I think!

  5. She wants another lid (one covered with food, of course)…another fabulous portrait of this beauty!

    • Yep, mention food, biscuit, treat, cookie, hungry & she comes running!! haha. To think when we got her she was trained not to come in the room if there were people present. 😦 Now, she thinks she died and went to heaven (except for the puppy part).

  6. What a great shot of this beautiful baby. She looks so peaceful. And you know she is because her legs are crossed. A sure sign of comfort :O)

  7. Beautiful dogs! Your dog looks so sweet and I love the shot of the dogs’ meeting.

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