I tore myself away from chores today (LOL) and went to my local park. I hadn’t really wanted to go there cause I just didn’t want anymore duck pictures!! But, as so often happens, I ran into something entirely unexpected. Today it was an Orange Winged Amazon. He was helping his owners feed the ducks. The only thing I did to the picture was a slight levels adjustment and a very slight crop. Shot at 1/500, f6.3, ISO 200, focal length 263.


~ by victry1 on March 9, 2010.

9 Responses to “Unexpected”

  1. Wonderful detail, Eleanor! Lovely colors, contrasts against that blue sky! He’s a beauty! Great find and nice of you to bring him here for us. 😀

  2. Great Shot, but shame he can’t be free, although he would not survive winter in the US,

  3. Great composition and color.

  4. What a beautiful little guy…I love those bright colors and that cute little face!

  5. That’s an excellent shot! What a pretty little thing!

  6. What a treat! Lots of detail in that harsh light.

  7. Beautiful image. What a gorgeous bird.

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