A Blue Blessing

Today is so gorgeous!! Spring like temperatures, a gentle breeze, sunshine & blue skies!! A real blessing, especially after all the cold & snow we’ve had. I also consider it a big blessing that I was born under the red, white & blue!! I walked today & had my trusty iPhone with me which I used to take & crop this shot & write this post. Otherwise, the moment would be lost. 🙂


~ by victry1 on March 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “A Blue Blessing”

  1. And I am glad you captured your moment…that is beautiful!

    It is actually in the 50’s here today…we have a little snow left but I bet it will be gone in a few days. With our awful winter I have not had a chance to get out and empty and clean the hot tub…so guess what I am doing today! Not a fun job, but at least I am out enjoying the weather!

  2. Beautiful bright blue sky and the flag add the perfect touch!!

  3. Anytime you can snap the our flag furled against a blue sky like that it is a blessing! Wonderful shot!

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