Children’s Toys

Well, we just got about 2 foot of the white stuff. Some people were happy, others, not so much. But, I got to enjoy my grandson’s first sled ride and my daughter in law’s first experience at sledding also. Where she grew up in Ecuador, they don’t get snow. Plus, she lived also in Quito and the only snow there is on the volcanos. She had as great a time as Joshua……oh, and Odie just loved it!! Plus, we passed a snow family on the way. 🙂


~ by victry1 on February 28, 2010.

17 Responses to “Children’s Toys”

  1. What a wonderful family outing…including the dogs.

    • Thanks for stopping by Esther! The bigger dog is/was Ginger’s BFF. His owner and I were so happy they got along. And Joshua found another dog to love……

    • Hi Esther. It was great fun! And to think this was in my friend’s yard and not at a park. We were both very happy the dogs got along and Joshua really enjoyed their playfulness.

  2. Kids, dogs, snow, who needs a signal for the fun to start.

    • And the fun began before we got there……what a sight we were-couldn’t get my car out of the driveway, putting mittens on a 2 year old is no small task, my DIL lost her gloves and the pup only wanted to bite at the stroller wheels! But, everyone slept good that night. 🙂

  3. I’ve been amazed at the amount of snow you have had this year. It’s good to see you enjoying it, especially with the little one. Those memories will last forever.

    • Thanks for stopping and the comment montucky! I’m amazed too! LOL One year we had 100 inches. They ran out of places to put it. Fortunately, it wasn’t bitterly cold the day we went-that helped to make it more enjoyable.

    • Thanks for the visit montucky!! Here’s hoping it’s our last snow!!!!!

  4. It looks like the sun is out and a fun time has been had by all. Great pictures!!

  5. These pics make snow look like fun! Beautiful family. Oh, an nice bonus with the Snowman pic… so cute!

  6. What fun pictures…isn’t snow a wonderful TOY (for a few days anyways)…those dogs are wild snow dogs…but the prize goes to the handsome sledder! Way too cute.

  7. Memories are made of scenes like this. Wonderful that you were able to get it on “film” and share this series with us. That face is just too precious! The dogs look like they are having just as much fun as the humans are. Great shots!

  8. How very fun! Nicely shot too, snow is tricky I think as is romping kids and pups.

    • Thanks Ellen. You’re right about the kids and pups!! Aiyeeee…….. The snow makes it really hard sometimes to get the right exposure. Especially when there is also black fur involved. 🙂

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