Mini Assignment Redo “Around Town”

After reading all the much appreciated comments on my last post of this subject, I said to myself “why don’t you just go take the pictures from a different angle!” duh……. LOL I took more time to think this time (one of my goals with this blog)and fortunately was not under the same time constraints. I took these all with my P&S-a Canon S5 in AV mode, f7.1, shutter speed 1/320, auto white balance. I did end up still having to do some cloning on the closeup of the 2 lamps and the closeup of the clock. I could not believe the amount of wires in the picture!!! I’ve not noticed them too much as I go around town. I guess you stop seeing things after a while. The gargoyle figure is one of the 4 around the base of the clock.


~ by victry1 on February 23, 2010.

9 Responses to “Mini Assignment Redo “Around Town””

  1. All great as were the previous ones, but a comment on the Gargoyle, if I may, I am not going to say it looks like Tammy, although….
    Where was I, oh yeah I have seen similar in a lot of small country towns in Australia, and for years wondered at why they were there, then one day while in Bathurst NSW, saw a similar clock with a six sided plinth that had them and the front one read “For Personal Use of the Duely Elected Mayor” “All other riders are asked to hitch thier horses to the othe rings provided.” I would be interested in finding out if that was thier use in america too.

    • Ron, you’re too much! It doesn’t look like Tammy at all! Shame! LOL I will have to ask about the origin of the gargoyles, but it does look like something that may have been used at one point to hitch the horses.

  2. Thanks for the redux and the up close shot of the plaque beneath the clock, Eleanor. Glad the weather and that beautiful sky cooperated for these beautiful shots. It is amazing that the metal here is so clean. One would think that years of city dirt, and birds would have left some residue behind. These look spit and polished. Are you certain you didn’t take a power washer to them before snapping away? 😀 Everything looks so tidy. Not even any winter gunk on the windows, the clock faces or the streets. Nice captures.

    • Hi Iona,

      Thanks for stopping by again. I don’t think the clock is that old. Next time I’m at the town hall I will ask. They had a Main St. revitilization going on at one point and it may have been placed there as part of that. The funny thing was, that, on one side of the street I had nice blue skies. The other side was gray already as the clouds were moving in.

      • I’ve had that exact same problem with skies too. One would think you had a different scene or different day if only looking at the sky. Anyhow, you had a great photo op with your town’s clock and the little park. Lovely work.

  3. The gargoyle close up is outstanding, love the depth and details in it.

  4. The door knocker one is definitely my favorite. Great angle!

  5. Hmmm…I think ron called me a Gargoyle…oh well, I think I have been called worse! LOL All of these are excellent…I really enjoyed the close up shots (the gargoyle and the street lamps are among my favorites)! Nice work of showing us a bit of your town!

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