Mini Assignment-Around Town

This picture was taken in my town-the center of town. (If you blink, you’ll miss it). I did a levels adjustment on both images.

This is in a memorial park a couple blocks away. Wanted to remove the electric lines, but with all those tree branches behind not sure it would have been possible.


~ by victry1 on February 21, 2010.

13 Responses to “Mini Assignment-Around Town”

  1. Perfect examples…love the cropped clock…the details are great!

    (Hey, you connected this to the self portrait Mr Linky….there is no Mr Linky’s for the Friday Photo tips)…Just wanted you to know 🙂

  2. I much prefer the first image – the other two have a little too much clutter for me. That’s a very cool clock!

  3. Living in Small Town USA has to beat big city hands down.

  4. Love these images, Eleanor. Wish you would have removed the lines and the tiny portion of the roof in the first photo. I understand the problem of removing the lines in the 2nd photo with all that siding on the building. Would be possible, but difficult. As far as removing the lines with the trees, I’ve done it before with some success. Tedious, but possible with lots of the healing brush and cloning. Now to the clock. That is a wonderful old clock. Love the shape and brass fittings on it. Wish our little town had a square with a clock like that. Nice and nice shot too. If we could have read what is written on the base of the clock (2nd photo) would have been great.

  5. These are great images, very nice detail, color and light. Actually the lines are easiet to remove wit the tree branches. The baraches are really easy to clone when covering the lines. The harder ones to remove are with windows and that siding, because of the straight lines. I have done some removal but in smaller photo areas. If you aren’t going to have this on display or have it framed I wouldnt’t worry about it. Your other option might be to go back and get some other angles, they would be different but you might lose some of the lines. Back to the olden days when there were no electric lines cluttering the skies.

  6. Great images, the first is also my favorite. The ones with the power lines would be the perfect images to use one of the latest magazine TUT on removing unwanted images from your photos.

  7. Hi!
    Great shots. Love that clock, looks kind of old. Have a great day!


  8. A very cool clock. Looks like a nice town.

  9. Thanks everyone for your visit and comments! I really appreciate them. As a result, I went out and shot these over again. You can see the new pictures in the new post. And, Iona, I even cloned (something I usually try to avoid LOL). I did the cloning in Aperture 3, so I don’t know if it would have come out better in PSE.

  10. I did not notice, until I enlarged the photos, where your tell-tale signs of cloning took place. Practice makes perfect.

    • Yep. And I need lots of practice. But, thanks for the nudge to do something I have previously found harder to do. I think part of the reason in this post is because I did the cloning in Aperture 3 and not PSE. I think PSE is a little easier to do that with. (but, I could be wrong. haha)

      • I started out with PSE 2.0, worked up and now have, thanks to Esther for cast-offs :D, PSE 5.0. I’ve not worked with anything else so cannot do a comparison.

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