These characters were in front of someone’s home on my way to watch the eagles. I couldn’t get a good angle from where I had to take the picture as there wasn’t much room to pull off the road and they all seemed on top of one another (& the building next door-lol). EXIF: Aperture priority, shutter: 1/50, f8, ISO 200. Focal length varied between 20 and 50mm.

I found myself wondering if this person just collected these or made them or sold them. There were lots-kind of all jamed together. Anyway, this is as odd as things have gotten in my neck of the woods.


~ by victry1 on February 18, 2010.

11 Responses to “Oddity”

  1. For sale or not, they are an odd bunch. The fish reminds me of a program I saw on the flying fish that are found around Catalina Is., truely an oddity.

  2. Now that is yard decor overload! Although, some of those pieces are very cool (just not for my yard) LOL

  3. Nice find! I would have taken a hundred photos of these “animals”. The bottom pic would have made a great HDR composition…

    • Thanks for the comment, Bill. I could have taken lots more, but I wasn’t alone. Plus it was inches between me and the roadway. Don’t think I have any HDR software.

  4. Not for the average yard, I expect, Eleanor! But, nevertheless, they do make a statement. Love the creativity this person has. – if “he” created them himself. Lots of work involved here. Fun objects. Nice colors.

  5. When do you show us the Oddities though, great images.

  6. I’d definitely say this qualifies as odd… 🙂

  7. I would say that whoever put them on their lawn, whether they created them or not, must not be your run of the mill person. I’d be interested to meet them.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone and also for your comments. 🙂

  8. As an oddity myself I really like these. They seem to be all be made by the same person. How nice to come upon such a surprise.

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