Big and Small

This is Paul, Sr. from OCC. Hubby got these for his 50th birthday because everyone says he looks like him. Now, if only we could collect the bike deposits……..LOL


~ by victry1 on February 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “Big and Small”

  1. Yikes! What’s OCC?

  2. What a riot! Nice example of the theme… and I’m not even going to ask how you came across this Orange County Choppers memorabilia! Or why!

  3. I don’t know what bike deposits are? Or really who these dudes are . . . but I do think this is an interesting still life!

  4. Hi!
    Great shot for the theme. I’m not sure I know who this gentleman is but I like it. Have a great day!


    • Hi Sherrie,

      Paul Sr. had a show on cable about making custom motorcycles. His business is Orange County Choppers, OCC for short. Everyone teases my husband that he looks like him.

  5. Hilarious!! I am sure your hubby got a huge chuckle out of these!

    • Haha-yep, he did. He’s got a whole load of OCC stuff. One time we were coming out of a garage in NYC and the guy at the entrance said to my husband – “hey, aren’t you…………?” and Dave said, “Yes”! We laughed all the way home.

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