Big and Little…….boys

As we all know, the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys…….This is my son with his son-to me they are both still boys. 🙂 Big and little ones…..


~ by victry1 on February 7, 2010.

17 Responses to “Big and Little…….boys”

  1. As long as neither grows up that will keep them at thier best. Great family shot.

  2. Eleanor! Some people pay good money to have a young lady walk on their backs! lol lol Perhaps your son could rent your grandson out for spending money??? lol That is terrible. Forgive me! 😀

    Nice shot. Grand colors and capture of what it is like to have a young son that can do no wrong. Great job.

    • Thanks for your comments and humor, Iona! Of course, Joshua is 2 and we know what that can mean-but, at least in my eyes, he’s perfect! So much more fun being grandma than mom!

  3. Very cute, those expressions mean everything.

  4. Ah! Nice subject for this theme!

  5. They never grow up, do they! This is a really fun image – one that dad and son will enjoy for a lifetime!

  6. Wonderful shot of a boy and his daddy having fun!

  7. What a sweet shot!

  8. Great moment captured! Did you blur the background in PS?

  9. They’ll always be boys to you! They look like they enjoy each other’s company a lot. You’ve captured that playfulness perfectly.

    • Thanks Karen. They play around a lot. I love the sound of their laughter, particularly when the little one just has a real good belly laugh!

  10. What a great shot. They are having so much fun. What a great memory to capture.

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