This isn’t the photo I wanted to use for this theme. 😦 The other was a lone  leaf  trapped under the ice.  But, I just couldn’t get it to look right, so here’s a lonely tree trunk instead.  I did a levels adjustment and a crop.

Canon Rebel 500D, Shutter:  1/125, Exposure program:  Manual, F-stop 10, ISO: 800, WB:  Manual (cloudy?), Focal length:  55, Flash: No, Metering Mode:  Pattern


~ by victry1 on February 5, 2010.

12 Responses to “Alone”

  1. Eleanor! Well, this trunk may be the one and only around, but it looks like he has company with all the fungi he is hosting! 😀

    Nice capture and original fit for the theme.

  2. Shows how little I know of your neck of the woods, I would have thought, fungus in that numbers wouldn’t grow in the cold. Great informative shot.

    • Stick around Ron-I’m sure you will learn lots about your friends “up north”….& I’m sure we will also learn a lot about our neighbors “down under”. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Love the shape of the tree trunk (and all that fungi makes the image)! How cool

  4. that is for sure a one-of-the-kind stump. Was it shaped by beaver activity do you think?

  5. Old stumps give new life to other organisms…life goes on…

  6. That has a unique shape to it. Been alone for some time.

  7. The layers theme might have fit with all those layers of fungi. Its a great shot fro alone too, left all alone without its leaves or branches to keep it company, LOL.

  8. Hmm. No beaver activity, but good suggestion on the layers theme. But, I’m glad it’s February and not January. Yep, Esther, the cycle of life – there’s a time for everything. (just not always what we think it should be).

  9. How big is the file you are uploading? It is hard to really see your pictures, at first I thought it was blurry, but then I looked at the shutter speed, and now I can see the actual pixels in the larger version. Is this a wordpress thing? I’d suggest uploading a higher res image, then I’ll be able to see it better. As it is, I can only comment very generally on the composition of the image.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Sorry about that. I’ve been resizing for the web all the pictures that are hosted by WP. Is it most of my pictures you are having trouble with or just this one? Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have anymore trouble seeing them.

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