Children’s Toys

Went to my local park today.  Someplace I and other photographers go frequently when we want something to shoot but are too lazy or busy to go somewhere else.  Anyway, I got a lot of different theme shots. 🙂 Today I’ll just post the children’s area.  Not sure if others would consider these toys, but children do play on them. It’s such a nice, colorful area with pretty surroundings.  Deserted today, of course, since it was only about 30 degrees when I was there.  I edited them for color, light, etc. in PSE6, though I’m really starting to think about buying Aperture 2.


~ by victry1 on February 2, 2010.

11 Responses to “Children’s Toys”

  1. Bloody kids today, all those toys and not a kid in sight, ingrates, a little snow and frost bite would be good for them.

  2. I would say these are fun toys and what great colors! I think you could have nailed two themes w/ this one….looks like you were alone too (somehow, I think the kids were smarter than you)! LOL

    • I love the colors, too-especially the purple. Haha-the kids are probably all home playing XBox or something. I was just glad to get out of the house to take some pictures. The pup has me on a short leash. 🙂

  3. Interesting photos and great take on the theme. I love the colors in todays playground equipment.. not drabby like (way back)in my day.

    • Thanks, Kay. The kids have so much more and nicer than when I was a kid (too many moons ago). But, that’s good-kids should have fun, it’s the only time in life when play is expected and encouraged.

  4. Eleanor! Excuse my being nit-picky, but the first thing I noticed in these lovely photos is they need to be straightened. 😀

    Frankly, I think today’s kids are given too much. I can remember that our fantasies were a great part of our play and acting things out. That is taken away from today’s kids. They lack imagination. If they were to be without power so their electronic toys no longer worked, they wouldn’t know what to do!

    With these “toys” at least they can think they are crawling through a tunnel, or climbing a mountain.

    Great shots. Love the colors. Purple is one of my favorite colors.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Iona.

      It does seem more prevalent that kids are given too much. Personally I think it comes from so many families having both parents in the work force and also so many parents drive their kids to find their “niche” too early. Not enough letting kids be kids. But, I wonder what I would do without my electronic “toys”. LOL

  5. While the kids are away the adults will play. Me first!

  6. How fun does this look LoL. We didn’t have play grounds like this when I was younger. We had swings and a merry go round. That was it. Nice capture for the theme.

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