Children’s Toys Redo

It was very kindly pointed out to me that my pictures from the previous post needed straightening. To my eye, the first 2 seemed ok-if anyone thinks differently, please, please, let me know.  The picture with the fence in in the foreground, I think looks crooked because there is actually a slope that the fence goes down.  I did try straightening, but wasn’t able to do any better.  This picture I straightened in iPhoto-the need was obvious after it was pointed out. Elements straightening tool went a little wacky and turned it at such an extreme angle!!  So, anyway, I appreciate these things being pointed out, and anything further, please do so.

I went back and straightened a second time-still looks a little off. I had a worse problem taking photos in my house-weird-.


~ by victry1 on February 2, 2010.

8 Responses to “Children’s Toys Redo”

  1. I guess I just figured the other image was on a hill, it didn’t really bother me…but with that being said, the straightening worked here. I also like how you cropped it in even closer…it makes me feel like I am in the scene!

  2. Thanks! It’s a fun spot, stop by sometime. 🙂 Funny thing is I had trouble in my house with my pictures coming out crooked. No matter what I did, this one shelf just wouldn’t be straight in the picture. Is it possible there’s a problem with the camera? I know what that sounds like-haha-but, at least with that one shelf. The shelf itself is straight. I finally just shot the item very close.

  3. Eleanor! I have one photo that Ron insisted needed straightened. Well, I tried and tried, but no go. If I got the windowsill straightened (which was the more likely of the two), then the table was really off! So I gave up and left it. The problem was not with my camera. Actually, the house is not level. It is an old house sitting on a hillside and I think it has decided to slide down the hillside just an inch or so which has tilted the house. Would likely get an argument from DH on that reasoning, however. 😀

    • My house is close to 100 years old. I know it’s not level cause the puppy’s balls always roll under something. I did put a level on that shelf today and it said it was level. I then took a couple pictures but haven’t downloaded them yet. Maybe I was having a bad night the first time I was shooting that shelf! haha

  4. There are times when you just can’t straighten any more, its because of the position you were in or posture you may have had. It always shows when doing architectural photos. I take a lot of beach and ocean shots and always, always have to straighten them. Mine look like the ocean is pouring out of one end of the picture. My camera has the graphic crosshatch in my viewfinder, and I still can’t always line things up. You did fine here.

    • Thanks Terri. I did try to photograph my shelf again, after putting a level on it & it still came out crooked. So, it remains a mystery. lol

  5. You have to be perpendicular to whatever you are photographing, and it needs to be level, and you need to be level. So if you’re at a bit of an angle, the photo will look crooked even if you took it level. Hope that helps!

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