Mini Assignment – Balancing the Elements

In an attempt to learn and apply some of the rules of composition I went back through my archives. I took this shot in Quito, Ecuador and I was really trying out the zoom on my S5.  haha It works pretty well. 🙂 I was really far away when I took this.  The angel at the top is the Angel de Panecillo-kind of like a patron saint of Quito. Directly next to the angel is the best restaurant I have ever eaten in. From where I took the picture, it takes about 25 minutes to get there because the roads are so windy.  You also go through neighborhoods that make the worst here look safe. I thought the little statue in the front balanced out the shot of the angel a bit.In the following picture, you can see from about where I took the first picture and see the little statue on top of the building.  I ran a ‘Quick Edit’ in PSE6 on both and cropped them.


~ by victry1 on January 31, 2010.

8 Responses to “Mini Assignment – Balancing the Elements”

  1. that crop really makes a huge difference – it takes out all the distractions leading up to the statue. Nice example!

    • Hi Tammy, Thanks. 🙂 I didn’t crop either one very much-the top photo is actually a separate photo. I just had my zoom extended and a slight different POV than the bottom one. Though I was around the same area as the bottom photo, just a little further away when I took the top one. I think the zoom on my P&S actually goes further than my 250mm.

  2. Knowing what is on the hill from the first image I like the second one showing all that hustle and bustle in the foreground with the statue above adding some sense of peace over the city.

  3. Eleanor! I like the second photo best. It adds interest that the first one does not have. Nice shot!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Iona. I guess each photo has its own points of interest. I wish I had aken more photos of the people down there. Quito was a fun and interesting place.

  4. I love seeing both, that is one huge saint.

  5. That’s a city I’d love to visit sometime! Thanks for sharing your image(s).

    I like seeing the street scene because of the way the road draws your attention up the hill to the statue. Of course, it’s great to see the closer view of the angel too.

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