Bold….. & a Pattern

I realized I had not done anything for the Bold theme. Nothing in sight has struck me as bold and even the Delware Water Gap can’t compete with El Capitain!! But, these horses struck me as bold. The placemat is done by Chris Cummings, my favorite western artist.  The plate is part of a collection on my kitchen wall. If you see something around the horses feet, it’s dust from their hooves, not reflection from my flash.  That is reserved for the upper left corner. LOL.  They were both shot in full auto (yes, I’m chicken) and I used a flash on both.


~ by victry1 on January 31, 2010.

13 Responses to “Bold….. & a Pattern”

  1. Wonderful artwork and great idea for the Theme.

  2. Thanks, Jens. I love western art work. More specifically southwestern, but horses are a great love of mine. Methinks I need to “Go West”.

  3. Love the images, first saw the top image as a b&w print and had a talented girlfriend paint it as they were fleeing from fire, always been a dramatic image for me.

    • I can imagine that, Ron. It certainly would be dramatic. If you ever come across it, I hope you share it with us.

      • I can’t, sorry my mother gave it away when she shifted house after Jenny and I had split up. The thing is I can still remember it vividly. She was a terrific artist, married a mate of mine from the Army who couldn’t stand her temper tantrums, took her to a shrink -cured her – never painted again. I reckon you would have to be nuts to agree to go to a shrink! My opinion only!

  4. Full auto really does work nicely sometimes. Your photos are proof! Good choces for bold.

  5. Both are beautiful pieces of art… and what a great job photographing them! Auto works well sometimes! 🙂

  6. Eleanor! Great choices for the theme! If push hadn’t came to shove, you might not have selected these items. Glad you did. You did a fine job bringing them to us. Great shots, colors, perspective, contrasts, and lighting.

    • Thanks, Iona. It was you who inspired me to complete all the themes. I saw on your blog you were concerned about not having done them all in the month. So I took a look to see what I had left cause I had not really been keeping track. So, give yourself a pat on the back also.

  7. Hi!
    Beautiful piece of art! Love all those bold and brilliant colors. Have a great day!


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