This one is actually more about lighting than composition for me, though it does fall into the rule of thirds. I was photographing some knives for my husband today so decided to try doing one for the blog.  I have always had a hard time when doing these knives because, despite the fact I have a lightbox I always get a strong light reflection on the shiny part of the knife.  I also see why I need to get one of those things you hang in front and stick your lens through-I can see my reflection in the knife. (I also see a million other things-haha, but that’s for another day).  I did feel good though cause I took a lot of pics for hubby today and he really liked them & I didn’t have a single blurry one.  I took this with my Rebel 500d on Program-no flash. I had a clear thumbtack propping up the knife and did my best to get rid of it using the healing brush tool. (I just do real bad with cloning)


~ by victry1 on January 26, 2010.

11 Responses to “Mini-Assignment-Composition”

  1. I had a mate selling shiny steel objects on eBay and for photos he used to smear some Vaseline on the shiny surface then wipe it of lightly with a tissue, it difused any reflections but still seemed shiny. Ask you DH first though LOL

  2. Eleanor! What a beauty! Personally, I think you did a marvelous job. Love your color selection, your composure, lighting, contrasts, the thought to include the duck, all of it!! On second thought, I think I would have tried moving the duck back just a half-inch or a little more. Nice job! It got you a great tip from Ron too, huh?

    • Thanks, Iona! I agree, the duck would be better moved over more. I think I should have tried to move everything more to the right to avoid the left edge showing. I haven’t done knives in a long time so I wasn’t thinking of the whole picture. Your comments mean a lot-it has taken me quite a while to be able to get good knife and sheath shots.

  3. I think the composition of this is very nice too. If you have access to the Elements Techniques magazine, there is a great article in the most recent edition that gives a couple of different ways to remove unwanted objects from your photos.

  4. Wonderful composition! I, too think you really laid this image out nicely…the colors and lighting turned out great too! I was also going to suggest the new cloning articles in the Elements Techniques Magazine – I learned tons from them!

  5. I think you did well too,shiny is so hard to not blow out. Ron’s tip is cool.

  6. The colors and image are so sharp and crisp, very well done!!

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