It was pretty nice out today-if a little nippy.  Had a chance to get up to the Delaware Water Gap to learn a few more photography lessons, keeping in mind our mini assignments. Well, I overexposed almost every shot to the point of non recovery. (that is a lesson in itself! haha)  For an example, on this sign, the metal part is actually yellow.  But, since it’s warning most of us don’t see every day, I did what I could in PSE to post it. On the up side, I’m definitely going back to where I was today.  It was really beautiful.  I’ve been to the Gap many times, but not the areas I went today.


~ by victry1 on January 24, 2010.

12 Responses to “Warning”

  1. If it was cold you were pretty safe, don’t rely on that in warm weather though, if Aussie snakes are anything to go by. Glad tho say that the warning is a realistic one, give them respect and space, we all need that!

  2. Who knew? Cool snake graphic.

  3. The warning would sure get my attention. Yikes. As far as editing, the copper color of the post and frame seem quite appropriate for a sign warning of copper head snakes. Again, Yikes!


  4. Great warning, but where is the real snake? No pictures of them? I freaked out when the hawk flew over my head, I don’t know what I would do if I stepped upon a rattle snake, drop my camera and run, LOL.

  5. That sure is a good warning to heed. I too like your copper color.

  6. I think I would stay out of there during snake season…just thinking about them have goosebumps all over my arms! I am so glad we don’t have those in my area! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your afternoon!

  7. No snakes yesterday. 🙂 They’re probably hibernating along with the bears, fortunately. It’s never real snakes I worry about, but the human kind. LOL Glad you like the copper color, the only way I could salvage the photo.

  8. Eleanor! This sign is a great find. This would not be a place to let children run during the summertime! Great post-processing and recovery of your shot.

    An area along the arid land along the Yakima River (Washington State) where lots of rock hunters frequent has many many rattlers. The only access into the area is via a railroad bridge over the wild Yakima River. There no signs up to warn the uninitiated about the dangers – such as your sign. Yet to those in the know, there is a warning sign. The first person in the Spring who enters and finds a rattler, it is always killed and the snake is draped over an upper portion of the bridge.

    • Thanks, Iona. How interesting about the snakes around the Yakima River. If it were not for this sign, I would never have even thought about snakes in the area. Never knew we had copperheads in Jersey. The sign was also at the entrance to a play area, so parents can be warned.

      • Eleanor! Thanks for the reply.It is good to know everyone is forewarned. And especially well enough to protect the children. Not many people would consider snakes unless the problem is brought to their attention. Great find for a snap!

  9. That is quite a warning! I would definitely pay attention to that.

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