Windows to the soul

Well, I haven’t gotten out much lately and my doors and windows are nothing to write home about, so I enlisted my lovely daughter in law for this photo.  It is said “the eyes are windows to the soul” and since she is such a sweet soul, I thought-who better for this photo?  It was really tough to get her irises and pupils to really show though.  She does have very dark eyes, but I’m wondering-maybe I should not have used a flash?Taken with my Rebel T1i, aperture 8, shutter speed, 1/200, flash fired, focal length 50mm, using a 50mm 1.8 lens.  Edited in PSE6, applied a couple effects from the filter gallery, lowered the opacity to 37% with a screen blend mode.


~ by victry1 on January 22, 2010.

14 Responses to “Windows to the soul”

  1. For windows you’ve shown us two deep wells, great portrayal that far exceeds what the theme suggested. – Terrific.

  2. Eleanor! Wonderful subject for the theme! Great shot. I like the shot the way it is, so forget other suggestions! lol

  3. Aren’t you Miss Creativity…what a wonderful and captivating idea…which turned out brilliantly if I don’t say so myself! Your daughter has beautiful eyes and what a great “window” to her soul! You rock! 🙂

    You asked about the reflections in the ice cream bar….I had it on one of my solid purple plates and the melted ice cream showed reflections of the actually ice cream, no effects used, pure luck!! I didn’t even notice it until i got it on the computer screen, I was pleasently surprised!

    • Thanks Tammy-well your lucky shot turned out great!! haha…..My daughter in law actually noticed it first. Iwas too entranced with the ice cream.

  4. Great choice for this theme, an original.

  5. How creative to use some “indoor” windows! Your daughter-in-law does have pretty eyes and I can tell she doesn’t need much makeup at all. She’s also a good sport to pose!

    • Thank you Katy. She’s a beautiful girl-inside and out. Wish I didn’t need to use makeup! haha She was being a real good sport as she was really tired…..

  6. What a wonderful perspective on this theme Eleanor. You captured her eyes wonderfully. The depth in the shows through very well. She almost looks like she is smiling at you thinking. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Like a silly grin in her eyes. They are beautiful.

  7. Her eyes do seem to be smiling, sweet shot and a fine take on the theme.

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