Well, I very accidentally realized that “trio” was part of this month’s theme & coincidentally took some pictures tonight of a very playful trio.  They were a tough crowd! This Odette with 2 of her littermates, Orna and Oprah. My big mistake was not using my external flash which allows much more rapid picture taking. Lesson learned. The photos were taken with a 50mm 1.8 lens on my Rebel T1i. The aperture was 5 and shutter speed 1/200, 50mm focal length, ISO 1600. Now, hopefully, Odette is so tuckered, I will get some sleep tonight!! LOL The only editing I did was to crop it.


~ by victry1 on January 20, 2010.

6 Responses to “Trio”

  1. Where is the third shot of those three stooges, this is so great and full of fun, and we don’t need to clean up their whoopses!

  2. This has to be the cutest trio I’ve seen all month, it looks like Odette was very happy to see her siblings!

  3. It was great fun getting them together. Everyone had their cameras out & no whoopsees in the church hall, fortunately. Hopefully, the three of us puppy raisers will get them together at various stages and take more shots so we can see how they grow. Of course, like all moms, we were comparing progress notes.

  4. Oh this is so cute. I’m a dog lover and could look at pictures of puppies all Day long. They look like they are having so much fun. I can sense the movement in the bottom photo. Nice shots.

  5. Eleanor! Which one of the trio is Odette? This could have been posted as “Chaos!” Great shots. Beautiful pups.

    • Odette is in the middle. I didn’t even think about the chaos theme & believe me, with these 3 it was definitely chaos. Good call! I’m going to add that tag. Just like real siblings, they get into it. Here’s a link to a photo where they are picking on my baby!! haha Hard to believe that at least 1, if not all, will grow up to be somebody’s eyes. I get teary whenever I think of that.

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