I finally snapped a picture that didn’t have fur!! LOL….Here’s the data:

Canon S5,Shutter: 1/60, Exposure program: Manual, Aperture  7.1, ISO: 200, WB: Flash, Focal length:   6, Flash:  Yes, Metering Mode:  Pattern



~ by victry1 on January 20, 2010.

8 Responses to “Edible”

  1. Wonderful for keeping Vampires at bay – as well as other people. Great Fun Shot.

  2. This all ended up fried-so it wouldn’t be good for that 🙂 I’m really bad at taking pictures of food, but remembered the theme while I was preparing this for dinner. Not so healthy, but tasty.

  3. OH that sounds really good – did you save some for us?

  4. Looks like it was a good dinner!

  5. Health to the wind, you have to enjoy yourself sometimes. Looks delicious, my eyes are burning too. LOL

  6. Yummy….

  7. Eleanor! Onions and potatoes are quite healthy! If you fried them in olive oil, then that is a plus.

    I’d love to fry my potatoes with a lot of onions like this, but DH doesn’t like onions unless they are chopped very fine and only a little bit of then in any given dish. Me? I love lots of onions. Cooked or raw. 😀

    Nice shot. Good light and contrasts here.

    • Thanks Iona-I love me some onions. Unfortunately, I just used one of those cooking sprays and we had it with sausage made in the rotisserie. Fortunately, hubby loves onions too.

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