I hadn’t initially planned to do this mini first, but I’m glad I did. Haven’t had much chance to think about the assignments as I’ve been so tired…..LOL. Odette goes to sleep a little after dinner, gets up about 8 or 9, goes out, goes back to sleep til 3 a.m. and then 5……..ugh……But tonight I caught an hour nap and feel like a new person. Anyway, enough. I grabbed the nearest pic and I hope I can upload all 3-the original, the first crop and the 2nd one. If anyone has suggestions to cropping it better, I’m all ears.

Well, when I previewed the post, the 2nd crop came up first, the original is in the middle and the first crop is on the bottom.  Not the way I uploaded, but, oh well…..


Canon Rebel 500D

Shutter:  1/499

Exposure program:  Manual

F-stop 6.3


ISO:  200

WB: Sunny

Focal length:   84mm

Flash: No

Metering Mode:Pattern


~ by victry1 on January 19, 2010.

9 Responses to “Mini-Assignment-Cropping”

  1. My favorite is the 1st image, more puppy dog face to love on! All are great though – how could you go wrong w/ this model? My next favorite is the other crop….except you lost a bit of clarity in the front paws.

    Hey congrats on the honorable mention over a the Village and the IOW on the other gallery….I was happy for you…you can’t get much cuter than that! 🙂

    • Hi Tammy,

      thanks 4 letting me know. I mentioned in the photo’s description that it was taken by my friend. Hope that’s OK. I wouldn’t normally post a photo by someone else in my gallery, but it was too cute!

      I like the first one best too. What I’m finding with pets & kids I think about composition after the shot. I try to get in good position but am not always able to. They just don’t like to stay still! LOL

  2. First of all congratulations on the PET IOW, that is so cool!! I like the image at the top also. I could just hug the dickens out of her she is so cute!!

  3. Odette is absolutely adorable – those eyes! I’m in puppy love. At first glance, I liked the top one best – but now I think the third one is even better. Nicely balanced and we get to see more of her.

  4. I love puppy eyes. They are so sincere and full of love. My favorite is also the top Photo. Wonderful Job with the crop.

  5. Eleanor! Love the photo of your pup. I like the last one best. Good clean lines. Great lighting. Nice shot.

  6. I like the tight crop I think. The leash and tags are a bit distracting form that cutie.

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