After the Chaos

Well, it’s actually still pretty chaotic around here, but at least someone can sleep!!
Manual exposure, Shutter 1/200, f5.6, ISO 200, on board flash, focal length 65mm, auto white balance, ef-s 55-250 lens.

Not sure how to get that brightness of the orange toy on the right. Tried everything I knew. Cropped and resized in aperture.


~ by victry1 on January 14, 2010.

11 Responses to “After the Chaos”

  1. Now this is funny, she looks like she needs a nap while you clean up her mess….I can see the fun is coming now that she is settling in! 🙂

    I guess I don’t see a problem whatsoever w/ that orange toy…I think it is fine!

  2. What a cutie!! With all those toys to play with I cant believe that your floor is not all scratched up. LOL I agree with Tammy, the red toy on the left balances the image.

  3. Hi!
    She’s a cutie! She looks totally relaxed even though her toys are all ready to go. I think the orange toy looks ok like it is. Have a great day!


  4. I guess maybe on my screen, the orange toy showed up a little harsh. I know sometimes when I use a flash I get some harsh spots.
    That is not a wood floor-it’s Pergo. When we updated our kitchen, I chose not to go with tile as we had one tripod dog at the time, who had bone cancer, an older arthritic dog and arthritic me. Pergo holds up to kids and dogs, except where their water bowl is.

    Fortunately, I used the spot healing tool, so you can’t see how groady the floor is, the result of numerous trips in and out into the snow and keeping my shoes on all day. 😦

    Thanks for stopping, cya soon.

  5. I like the splash of orange too, but you could use dodge or burn (I get them confused even now) to darken the colour if you find it too bright. I’m sure the dog would appreciate being woken up when the Chaos recommences so that she can join in, but hey Chaos is hard work.

  6. What a cute dog – and adorably all curled up with her toys! Do you have a Flash white balance on your camera? Or a Tungsten white balance. That might help with the colors. I have a terrible time taking flash photos and getting them to look good with my cameera.

    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks Karen. 🙂 Yes, I do (have those wb settings). Not sure what it was on. Sometimes the flash white balance comes out terrible!!

  7. I see what you mean about the toy when viewing the enlargement. It has some nubs showing everywhere but on the side facing the camera. Since I don’t know how you could rectify that except by trial and error…I will just say that the rest of the photo looks like you polished up the footprints really well!

  8. How sweet, I don’t know either how you could avoid the harshness, I’ve put tissue over my flash to soften it, it sometimes helps..

  9. Such a cutie, napping amongst all the toys. Thr orange is bright but maybe only in comparison to all the other things. Maybe you can mask it in a layer and then tone it down.

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