Yesterday I went out to see if I could get anything for the blog.  It was cold, so I think for January almost all my posts will just be tagged – COLD!! The poor geese looked like they were frozen on the ice and the little ducks were all huddled in one corner.  I felt so bad I didn’t have any bread with me.  Anyway, I did get these pictures of patterns in the ice.

shutter speed 1/125, f9, ISO  200,  focal length 90mm, Lens ef-s 55-250mm

shutter speed 1/160, manual exposure (for both pictures), focal length 84mm, ISO 400, f5/6 Same lens.

I did crop and did a quick edit in PSE6 for levels, lighting, color and sharpness

I’m a bit behind in keeping up with the group as far as visiting and commenting on all the blogs.  I’ve been checking them on my phone and will visit again.  It’s just a busy busy week.  Please don’t think I’m dropping out. 😦  Sorry!


~ by victry1 on January 12, 2010.

12 Responses to “Patterns”

  1. Very nice capture. really like the openings in the ice that let you see the water.

  2. What a great pattern and texture you found with the freezing weather…you are brave to face the elements! I especially like the first image with the pieces of water showing through!

    And, don’t worry about life getting busy, that is why we toned down this challenge….just do what you can do…no sorries! 🙂

  3. I think I can see a pattern here, it is Cold Right? Cold Cold Cold Cold Cold , yep that is a pattern, good shot but careful going out in those conditions.

  4. I like the detail and the spidery effect of the branches. No worries about spending time here, we all come and go and sometimes have more time on one week than another. Your doing fine.

  5. That is a cool…, interesting pattern! I love the textures I see there too.

  6. I am so glad we moved from cold-weather states to blamy California! Needless to say, we do have our fog and heat to contend with…

    • I’m ready for warm. My dream is if hubby were ever to get laid off, I’d be in Vegas the next day – and not to gamble, either!! lol

  7. What a sweetie! Have fun with you new little one! Cute photo!

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