Here’s my try at masculine, though I think it might say more military than masculine.


~ by victry1 on January 8, 2010.

16 Responses to “Masculine”

  1. The flannel and the boots make it masculine for me! I love your composition…this turned out wonderful!

  2. Who tidied up the room, how will he find anything now!

  3. Thank you Tammy. And, Danudin, I put everything back right where I found it-so e will have no problem. 🙂 I was especially careful with his challenge coins as he takes good care of them.

  4. Definitely masculine! Everything about it says MAN! Nice collection and display.

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  6. Nice arrangement of masculine stuff — but the ball cap that says “Iraq” makes my heart hurt.

  7. Looks masculine and military. Love your composition and all the wonderful details that are to found! Beautiful & very patriotic!

  8. Awesome and manly! I love the textures and those coins are special.

  9. No disrespect to the woman in our military, but that`s about as masculine as it gets.

  10. Thanks for the kind words everybody! Sorry to cause discomfort jmc {{{{hugs to you}}}. Yep, Ms. Katy, hubby cherishes every one of them. My husband is no longer in the military, but he makes custom knife sheaths as a hobby and gives them gratis to men and women in uniform from his forum. You can’t see it in the picture, but the rug on the chair behind everything says “AFG” as it was made by an Afghani and sent to us by a someone serving there.

  11. Hello Eleanor! Love your composition. It screams “Masculine”! Your arrangement and lighting is perfect. Colors pop! Coins are a nice touch. I like the inclusion of the boots and hat. I applaud your husband’s service. (I have nieces and nephews who are currently military. Two sons were, briefly, military. Brothers-in-law were military. Two brothers retired Navy. My DH is retired Navy). Great take on the theme, and good job!

    However, in what appears on my screen

    • Oops, thought I had deleted that one line! Sorry.

    • Thank you Iona. I probably took at least

        two dozen shots at different angles to get it. LOL Thank God for digital! Please tell your family thanks for their service. Without people like them, my family could not lay our heads down in peace at night. My children chose not to serve and I was disappointed, though I’m glad I did not have the angst about worrying about them overseas. 😦
  12. So nicely composed and shot. I’ve seen memorials of just empty boots and they broke my heart…

  13. This is the theme that I’m struggling with the most. I think you’ve done a great job. I like the idea that you used the flannel shirt and not camouflage as what you’d expect with anything hinting at military. I get this feeling that this man is safely home from the war. Alive and masculine.

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Judi. Funny-the shirt is what I thought of first, and then went through a thousand thoughts as to what else might speak to the theme. Not being a concrete thing, it did take some thought. 🙂 I think masculine could be many things-even a father holding their newborn-it’s very subjective in some sense.

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