DH and I went to NY state today to see if we could spy some eagles, which we did. Truly beautiful creatures & they move at the speed of light, it seemed.  So, unfortunately, no pics of them. The area was beautiful, but all the signs discouraged people from getting out of their car as it would reduce the chance of spotting an eagle.  So, I stayed in my nice warm car for which I was grateful as it was bitterly cold out anyway. Fortunately, I brought along my P&S, a Canon S5 and got this shot. Hopefully it gets the ‘cold’ theme across.


~ by victry1 on January 7, 2010.

9 Responses to “Cold”

  1. Sure looks cold to me. Burrrrr. I love the shadows.

  2. You still have leaves….I love seeing the greenery….we have none! Sorry you couldn’t shoot an eagle – not literally, those are so hard to catch! Cold definitely comes through the image with that blanket of snow!!

    • Those trees were kind of an oddity. Don’t know what they were. Outside of the evergreens I didn’t see any other trees with leaves on them. Truly beautiful birds! I’ve never seen them in the wild before. I’ll try again, but with the new pup coming, my opportunities to do so will be few.

  3. Hello Eleanor! This is a lovely photo. I like the contrasts of the evergreens (makes me homesick), the mountain, rocks, snow and what looks like water. Also the footprints – four legged animals or humans? The contrasts gives good definition to the photo. Lovely. Good shot. Sorry you weren’t able to get some shots of eagles. They are difficult to snap.

  4. Great image, love the shadows!! The reflection on the ice is doing something weird to the trees on the lower right of the image?

    • Yep, Jens, it is doing something freaky to the trees. I kinda like it. I was so pretty up there, just bitterly cold. Can’t imagine what Canada is like, if the eagles think this is warmer!

  5. I like the glare on the ice, it makes it feel all the colder. Nicely framed, the shadows are great. Isn’t it fabulous that eagles have made such a comeback?

  6. Thanks, Ellen. With all the comments, I’m realizing all the different things going on in the photo. I tend not to be the most observant person and am really trying to slow down a bit and be more observant and sensitive to what I’m seeing.

    Yes, the eagles have really more proliferate around here, something I didn’t know before last week. I’m going to try again. Probably not in the same spot and I have no illusions about getting photos of them, that’s for sure.

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