Looks like today is the day for arcs. I went out to see what I could do to capture the “cold”.  What greeted me was this old wall that was obviously formerly part of a building.  Lo & behold – an arc…………and another one (hope you can see it).  Plus, I didn’t get he info from where I was cause I was freezing. Haha


~ by victry1 on January 5, 2010.

22 Responses to “Arc”

  1. WoW. Other than the fact that you know the water is moving it almost looks like icicles hanging there. That is one cool or should I say “cold” Arc.

  2. The top one is a dam fine arch and I love the ageee in the lower stone work!

  3. Wow, now that was one heck of a photo walk….and one cold one, you should try photo driving! LOL Fabulous arcs, I favor the 1st one of the water just because it is so unique (and you captured that running water wonderfully)…..the second image has some great textures going on…I’d say you nailed this theme!

    Ok, the pressure is on….we need a name for our group – I will be floating around tomorrow getting some ideas (ex: Group A is Awesome, Group C is creative, Group D is Dynamic)….and Group B names coming to mind, beautiful bloggers?? 🙂

  4. Haha-I didn’t stay long. Just remembered it looked real pretty the day before when I passed it. Thanks for the compliments! Hopefully, I’m going to drive up and try some “eagle watching” this week – from the car! LOL

    I was thinking of names – Bonny Bloggers? Boss (as in the Boss), though that might make people think we’re bossy. I’ll keep trying. If I think of any I’ll post it or PM you.

  5. Good shots both, but the top one is a wonderful catch for the theme. Good eye to see it!

    • Thanks Lorri! I didn’t see it at firs, but as I was shooting and trying to remember what shutter speed is good for moving water I realized it was curved.

  6. Thanks everyone for the name ideas…I think some of them are too long, but wow, are they fun! Jens came up w/ the idea of “Breathless” – short and to the point – was does everyone think?

  7. Very nice, I like the one with the water best, the stone work is nice and detailed. I love taking photos of water at different ISOs and apertures to get the different looks between “freezing” it as it moved or “slowing” it down for the smooth foggy look.

    I am in the A group, but how about, beautiful, bold, bright, best? This is fun!

  8. These are wonderful! The first shot is such a unique interpretation for this theme…so beautiful. Love the angle and details in the second photo. Fabulous!

  9. Hi!
    Awesome arcs. I really like the one with the water. But it does look kind of cold! Have a great day!


  10. Hello Eleanor! You really lucked out with such vivid images of arcs! I love the shot of the river and the waterfall in that graceful arc. Even with the flowing water, it looks soooooooo cold! I like your composition and presentation as well. Like the trees in the background as they only reinforce the winter aspect.

    That rugged old rock wall with its arc is very interesting! I’d like to see it in full sun one day. Lovely.

    You did good!

    • Thanks Iona. Oh yeah, it was sure cold! One day I’ll have to pay a visit when it’s nice and warm. I spent half my time trying not to slide down the ice on the embankment. That would have made some picture. Haha

  11. Good catch on the top photo. I love stone masonry and the arc at the bottom is great.

  12. Both wonderful arcs! I love the different textures of the water along with the perfect arc. The stonework is so warm colored in the cold.

  13. Great photos! It sure does look cold!! Nice capture!

  14. The water shot is not just a water shot, it is a work of art to be framed and hung on the wall. It sure looks like a chilly day to be out sliding around on the ice….

  15. I love the ARC photo of the water. The whole picture is great, the different textures in the water are awesome. Smooth and reflective before it goes over the edge and churned and foamy after.

    • Hi Tm, Thanks for stopping by and for your observations. I’m loving what people see in my photos that I hardly notice. Opens up my vision. Thanks!

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